April 25, 2019

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Happy Independence Day and Everyday!

July 5, 2019

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Water Fight in Thai New Year (Songkran)

April 16, 2018

Thai New Year

Food, drinks and having fun is a big part of Thai culture. The hottest month of the year in Thailand is in April, the entire country will come together to celebrate in friendly water fights and street parties that last nearly a week. Bangkok experiences a mass exodus, as at least half of its residents travel back to their home towns for family re-unions. In their place are tourists, who fly into Bangkok particularly to enjoy one of the most colorful and festive times of the year. Note. Songkran in Thailand is officially observed between the 13th and 15th of April.


What is Songkran?

Songkran is the occasion for family re-unions, temple visits and annual house cleaning. Many Thais observe the holidays by spending time with families and friends. Traditionally, Thais perform the "Rod Nam Dum Hua" ritual on the first day of Songkran. An important religious ritual in which devout Buddhists pour fragrant water over Buddha statues both at the temple and at home. Water as Symbolism Contradictory throughout Songkran, fun-loving Thais don’t just throw water at each other for no good reason. The real meaning behind the splashes is to symbolically wash off all misfortunes in the past year, thus welcoming the new year with a fresh new start. Traditionally, Thais would politely pour a bowl of water on members of the family, their close friends and neighbors. As Songkran has taken a more festive note, a bowl becomes a bucket, garden hose and water guns, and the spirit of holiday merriment is shared amongst all town residents and tourists alike.


This 2018, I can only imagine all the fun from my young age, and bring back my memory of every Songkran days.

Happy Thai New Year! 



Chef Lucky Thai




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