April 25, 2019

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Happy Independence Day and Everyday!

July 5, 2019

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Top Quality Female Thai Chef In Vegas

December 12, 2018

The top quality female chef "Chef Lucky Thai" she helms one of the most fantastic in home dining experiences in Las Vegas.


Since I launched Chef Lucky Thai in 2014, where I provide: Authentic, Fresh and Healthy Thai food; and offers: Catering, Cooking Class and Personal Chef service. I have gone from doing one event a month to four or five nights a week. Word of mouth spread and my company grew quickly. I am very happy when I work like this, because I can shop and order everything fresh and I feel good about my food that I provided authentic, fresh and healthy Thai food to your table.


Often times where people asked me, "Why do you like working outside the confines of a traditional restaurant?" Well it's because it allows me to serve whatever I want, and how I want it to be set. It is also challenging being a female chef on the restaurant field. The characteristic of an female chef is to fight. You have to be tough. We say it the way it is. We work hard. But in the end, it became something that I'm willing to experiment with what I love. My rapidly growing fan base help explain a lot, why? "Chef Lucky Thai" became one of the most top quality female chefs in Las Vegas, as well as in New York. Many times I got questions about how I learned to create the recipes? Here's how; whenever I eat or see something interesting from different cuisines, I memorize it and used it to inspire my own creations, I tuned it differently into my own signature dishes. One of my signature dishes is the "Thai Beef Salad" where people always asking for it.


Looking for special gift and want to know what is the cost? This holiday season is one of the hardest seats to score in with Chef Lucky Thai. Most guests happy to pay anywhere from $65 to $190 per person for the privilege of Chef Lucky Thai's in home dining experiences. That's all the more remarkable given that it isn't a restaurant at all, but rather the dining room table is at my home, or in your own comfort home that worth your holiday joys.

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